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How can I help prevent drug abuse in my community?

Properly store and dispose of your prescription medication

Rx misuse and abuse is now the #1 cause of accidental death in Utah, ahead of car crashes. To help reduce Rx overdoses:

  • Lock Up Your Rx Medications
    Use a lockable storage container purchased from a pharmacy or drug store, or use a lockable filing cabinet or desk drawer. This will help make you less vulnerable to theft and more importantly, your home will be safer for family and friends
  • Take your unused Rx medications to the South Salt Lake PD Drop Off Box
    South Salt Lake Police Station
    2835 South Main Street
    South Salt Lake, UT 84115
    (801) 412-12280For a list of other Drop Off Locations click here – http://www.slvhealth.org/programs/waterQualHazWaste/solidHazWaste/householdHazWaste/medicine.html

For more information please visit www.useonlyasdirected.org

Join the Coalition

You can be involved with what we do as a coalition. Whether you have skills to share, want to gain new insights, or just volunteer your time, please join us. You can help prevent drug use in your community! Contact us at infor@ssdrugfree.org

Report suspicious activity

Even if you are not positive of what you saw, if something didn’t seem right, call it in.

Police Dispatch (Non-Emergency) (801) 840-4000

Join Neighborhood Watch

For information on how to join visit http://www.southsaltlakecity.com/POLICE/communitypolicing.html

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design CPTED

Design around your home or business can be used as a tool to help reduce crime and potentially illegal drug activity. Think of things like bushes, fences and parked vehicles that act as barricades and perhaps block views from or to the street. If you can’t see the street, or be seen from the street, neither can a drug dealer, or someone committing some other sort of crime.

Be a Mentor/Volunteer

Be a positive influence in your community and in the life of a child. Give opportunities for youth in your area to have positive interactions.

To volunteer or be a mentor with SSL PAL please visit http://www.sspal.org/contact-us

Get Involved with community decisions Contact your elected officials

  • City Council http://www.southsaltlakecity.com/GOVERNMENT/councilmeetings.html
  • State Elected Officials State Legislature Link http://le.utah.gov/
  • Senate Map http://www.utahsenate.org/map.shtml
    • Senator Davis gd7avs@utahsenate.org
    • Senator McAdams bmc8ams@utahsenate.org
  • House Map http://le.utah.gov/house/DistrictInfo/newMaps/SaltLake/SaltLake.htm
    • Rep. Wiley lw1ley@utah.gov
    • Rep. Wheatley markwheat1ey@utah.gov