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Prevention Theory

cycle_logoThe Coalition uses the Strategic Prevention Framework developed by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention at SAMHSA.

Risk and Protective Factors

D. Hawkins and R. Catalano
Simply put, children have factors in their lives that can protect them from risky and harmful behavior.  Conversely, there are also factors that can lead to increased risk of substance abuse.  The Coalition works with the community, families, schools, and youth to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for every child in South Salt Lake.

40 Developmental Assets

SEARCH Institute
Researchers have identified 40 assets that when present in a child’s life lead to reduced likelihood of substance abuse.  The more assets present, the greater the likelihood that a child with make it to adulthood and beyond without substance abuse issues.

Community Change through environmental strategies

The SSL  Coalition has a focus on environmental change. Sometimes small changes on issues related to substance use can have a big impact on use rates.  Changes in policy, business practices, and community design and planning can lead to reduced availability of drugs, less advertising that appeals to youth,  and fewer opportunities for dangerous behavior.