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South Salt Lake Coalition for Drug Free Youth

The South Salt Lake Coalition for Drug Free Youth is a collection of community partners who offer programs and support services focused on eliminating drug use among young people.

South Salt Lake Coalition for Drug Free Youth

Every 12 seconds, another student tries drugs for the first time – this is a gloomy reminder of how quickly drug abuse spreads among young people.

To counter this epidemic, the The South Salt Lake Coalition for Drug Free Youth has launched the largest non-state anti-drug information and prevention campaign. It has been repeatedly proved that the decrease in the level of drug addiction is proportional to the number of information sets “The whole truth about drugs” distributed among young people – true information about what drugs are and what they do. According to statistical studies, today we have saved about 500,000 young people from using drugs for fun… or from something worse.

However, much more needs to be done. Therefore, we offer our publications to anti-drug associations, government organizations, civic groups, and educational institutions that share its goals. These materials tell the truth about the most common drugs and tell you directly and easily about their effects.

In addition to brochures, we have a teacher’s manual, instructions for use, and a teacher’s kit. These materials provide teachers, law enforcement officials, and community groups with effective tools through which they can educate young people so they can make the right decision about drugs.

The South Salt Lake Coalition for Drug Free Youth is a huge step forward in raising a generation free of the destructive consequences of drug addiction.

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