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Promise Gold Star Tobacco Prevention Program

Gold Star Program

We are excited to announce a new program specifically designed to help businesses in South Salt Lake prevent tobacco and nicotine use and help employees quit using tobacco products.

Click here to register your business to participate today!


Over the next several months, the Coalition will be working with the South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce to invite member business to participate in the program. The businesses will be visited by Coalition Coordinator, Morgan Marrietti, and asked to participate in a short real-time survey.  The survey will ask for information on current tobacco policies and practices of each business. Each business will receive a personalzed score and goals that will help them adopt additional policies to reduce worksite tobacco use .  As businesses meet their goals, they will receive aditional points that will move them toward Gold Star Stutus.

Each business that reaches Gold Star Status will be invited to an awards banquet, and will have their business listed in our Gold Star Program booklet, on our website, and in the South Salt Lake City Newsletter.

Partcipation is Free

The program will not cost anything for businesses.  In fact, businesses will receive free information on tobacco prevetion and cessation programs.

Click here to register your business to participate today!

What’s in it for my Business?

Did you know the average cost for a business per tobacco user is around $3400 each year!  That takes into account lost productivty as well as health coverage costs inccured by an employer.  Each business that participates in the Gold Star Program will receive information on how to reduce these costs and improve the overall health of the workforce.

We hope with your help, we can drive down the tobacco use rate in South Salt Lake.

To Help Your Employees Quit Pass Along These Important Resources

For Tips in creating a Tobacco Free Enviornment and Tobacco Free Policies

  • http://www.cadca.org/tobacco

Download attachments:

  • 2013_Business_Toolkit.pdf
  • How_much_does_tobacco_cost_an_employer.pdf
  • UICAA_Business_Fact_Sheet_1.pdf
  • Sample_Policy_1.pdf
  • Sample_Policy_2_-Cancer_Society.pdf